Some Pointers on Casino Promotions

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All online casinos offer promotions. In some online casinos there are promotions running all the time. Other online casinos offer promotions once in a while. But it is inconceivable that a new player will not encounter a promotion early in his playing days. There are some simple issues that new players must keep in mind, which will help them to enjoy the promotions to the fullest.

Promotions are time bound. Once the last day of a promotion is over players cannot participate in that promotion. However, some online casinos are in the habit of letting that promotion write-up remain on the casino website. It acts as an advertisement. Therefore before players become enthusiastic about participating in a promotion or before they try to do so they should find out if the promotion is current.

More important than the date is the time. Promotions end at a specified time on a specified date. Different online casinos follow different time zones depending on the clientele that they have. Some casinos follow GMT, some follow EST and some follow Pacific time. Some players would like to participate in a tournament at the very end so that they are aware of the leader board scores. If they are living on the East Coast of the United States and assume that the casino is following EST, when the casino is actually following GMT they can be in for a rude shock. They may log on to the tournament or promotion only to find that it has closed.

In many promotions the winners, or players who have completed specified activities, are given bonuses. Some online casinos automatically credit these bonuses to the players’ accounts. Other online casinos provide the players with a code that the player has to redeem at the cashier of the casino in order to claim the bonus. If the player fails to redeem the bonus then he will lose the bonus despite having won the competition or having completed the specified activities. Most online casinos also put a short time span during which these bonuses have to be redeemed. Therefore new players should first check out how the bonus will be given by the casino. And if the bonus has to be redeemed and if the player becomes entitled to the bonus then he should make sure that he receives the code and redeems it in the proper time. He may have to check his e-mail or his casino inbox in order to secure the code.

Many promotions require the player to wager a specified amount on specified games. New players in their enthusiasm to participate in the promotion may not read all the conditions carefully and use their existing balance lying at the casino to complete the wagering requirements. However in such promotions most online casinos specify that the wagering has to be done, at least partially, from fresh deposits made during the promotion period. If this is the case then the players who have wagered solely from existing balances will not be given the benefits of the promotion. This highlights the necessity of reading all the promotion conditions very carefully before starting to participate in the promotion.

Promotions are fun activities and players should participate in them. But it pays to read the fine print as well.

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